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Vacuum and Floor Care

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Shop the Best Vacuum and Floor Care in the New Smyrna Beach Area

Welcome to John’s Appliances & Bedding's Vacuum and Floor Care accessories page!

Here, you'll find a variety of products to help keep your floors clean and tidy. From vacuum wands to specialized vacuum accessories, we have everything you need to ensure your floors look their best.

Our Top Pick: Universal Vacuum Wand

This vacuum wand is compatible with most vacuum cleaners and can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. Its lightweight and durable design make it a great choice for any cleaning job, whether it's tackling hard-to-reach areas or cleaning tight spaces. With its easy-to-use features and versatile design, this wand is a must-have for any homeowner or professional cleaner.

In addition to the Universal Vacuum Wand, we also offer a wide selection of vacuum accessories to help you tackle any cleaning task. Our accessories range from brushes and crevice tools to specialized attachments for pet hair removal and more. No matter what type of flooring you have, we have the right accessory to help you keep it clean and looking great.

At John’s Appliances & Bedding, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products at competitive prices. Our Vacuum and Floor Care accessories are no exception. We stand behind every product we sell, and we're committed to helping our customers find the right products to meet their cleaning needs.

So, whether you're a homeowner looking to keep your floors clean, or a professional cleaner in need of top-of-the-line accessories, we've got you covered. Additionally, our great financing options ensure affordability of items you need for your home. Shop our selection of Vacuum and Floor Care accessories today and see the difference for yourself!

FAQ about Vacuums and Floor Care:

  • Q: How often should I vacuum my carpets?

    A: It's recommended that you vacuum your carpets at least once a week to keep them clean and free of dirt, dust, and other debris. However, if you have pets, allergies, or heavy foot traffic in your home, you may need to vacuum more frequently.

  • Q: How do I choose the right vacuum for my home?

    A: When selecting a vacuum, consider the type of flooring you have, as well as any specific needs you may have, such as pet hair removal or allergy control. Upright vacuums are best for carpets, while canister vacuums are better for hard floors. Stick vacuums are lightweight and easy to maneuver, while handheld vacuums are ideal for quick cleanups. Look for vacuums with a strong suction power and a variety of attachments, such as a vacuum wand or vacuum accessory, to make cleaning different surfaces easier.

  • Q: How often should I replace my vacuum filter?

    A: It's recommended that you replace your vacuum filter every six months to ensure optimal performance and to prevent clogs that can lead to reduced suction power.

  • Q: How do I clean my vacuum wand or vacuum accessory?

    A: To clean your vacuum wand or accessory, start by unplugging your vacuum and removing any debris or hair that may have accumulated on the brush. You can use a pair of scissors to cut away any tangled hair. Then, soak the brush in warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes. Rinse the brush with clean water and allow it to air dry before reattaching it to your vacuum.

  • Q: Can I use my vacuum on my area rugs?

    A: Yes, you can use your vacuum on area rugs. Use a vacuum with a setting for high-pile carpet or a vacuum wand to avoid damaging the fibers of your area rug. Be sure to also check the manufacturer's instructions for your specific rug to ensure that vacuuming is safe.