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Bedding: Protect Your Mattress & Always Dream Sweet

Whether you’re redecorating your bedroom or outfitting your guest bed, bedding provides the finishing touch you’re looking for and helps you sleep better too.

When it comes to pillows and mattress protectors, there’s more to it than you’d expect. Don’t worry, though—we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know.

Match Your Pillows to Your Sleep

Pillows are essential for support, whether with a backrest pillow, lumbar pillow, neck support pillow, or a bed pillow. But when supporting your sleep, you need the best pillow that’ll leave you dreaming through the night.

No matter if you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper, choosing the right pillow for your sleep is key. The "right" pillow keeps your head, neck, and spine in neutral alignment while in your favored sleeping position and supports the curvature of your spine.

  • Back sleepers need flatter or flat bed pillows with medium support to relieve neck and shoulder pressure without lifting the head up too much.
  • Stomach sleepers need thin pillows with soft support and low loft, so they can sleep closer to the mattress and avoid soreness.
  • Side sleepers need taller-profile pillows with high loft and firmer support to relieve pressure on the shoulders.

If your sleeping position changes while you sleep, choose the pillow firmness based on the position you fall asleep in. Please note when searching for your bedding: pillows that are too soft will gradually take your spine out of neutral alignment as your head sinks in.

Match Your Pillows to Your Mattress

Once you’ve figured out the bed pillow type you need, it’s time to match the pillow size to your mattress.

  • For twin beds, one standard-size pillow will do, or a single king-bed pillow for extra luxury.
  • For queen size beds, two queen pillows are standard. Consider using four king pillows for deluxe satisfaction.
  • For king size beds, you need two king pillows, or four to six standard pillows for indulgent comfort.

Assigning Mattress Protection

With your bedding essentials figured out, it’s time to protect your mattress investment. Mattress protectors come in three basic styles: encasements, fitted sheets, and elastic straps.

Mattress encasements cover the whole mattress with zipper closures on the sides to protect against bed bugs, allergens, etc. Look for micro-tooth or small zippers to keep those critters away from your sleep!

Fitted sheet mattress protectors fit just like your standard fitted bed sheets with elastic on the corners and full “skirts” on the sides. These help protect against normal wear and tear, and are waterproofed against spills, stains, and incontinence.

Elastic strap mattress protectors are similar to the fitted sheet style protectors, except these have elastic straps on the corners and only cover the top mattress surface.

And if you’re looking for extra comfort and protection against dirt, stains, sweat, dust mites and spills, consider adding a mattress pad to your bedding ensemble.

Have any more questions about bedding? Give us a call or stop by your nearest John’s Appliance & Bedding—we always make your shopping all about you.